Douglas Researchers - Human Neuroscience Division

Jorge Armony

Emotions, fMRI, PTSD

Véronique Bohbot, PhD

Human spatial memory, navigation and neuralplasticity

Diane Boivin

Study and treatment of human circadian rhythms

John Breitner

Prevention of Alzheimer’s disease

Mallar Chakravarty, PhD

Computational brain anatomy

Carl Ernst

Genetic and epigenetic variation associated with neurodevelopmental disorders

Sherif Karama, MD, PhD

Genetic and environmental effects on brain development across the lifespan and corollary impacts on cognition

Naguib Mechawar, PhD

Neuroanatomy of mood disorders and suicide

Kieran O'Donnell

Perinatal influences on early-childhood development, biological embedding of early adversity

Judes Poirier

Alzheimer's disease genetics research

Maria Natasha Rajah

Cognitive neuroscience of aging & memory

Patricia Pelufo Silveira, MD, PhD

Early life adversity and the co-morbidity between metabolic and psychiatric disease

Suicide studies

Sylvia Villeneuve, PhD

Multimodal imaging of the aging brain