Guidelines in the Advent an Individual Tests Positive for COVID-19


  1. As indicated in Phase 4 ramp-up, the risk of infection can be well-mitigated by following the recommended safety measures (including wearing a procedure mask at all times when working within 2-meters of others and when circulating in shared spaces at the Douglas, distancing, frequent hand-washing).
  2. All labs are required to maintain a daily log-book of personnel working in different lab spaces.  This information will be critical in determining risk to different workspaces.  
  3. Confidentiality of the person testing Covid-positive must be maintained by PIs, colleagues, and administration.  However, the person who has received a positive test result may choose to share that information with their colleagues and their employer.
  4. More recent information indicates that risk of surface transmission is negligible and is further reduced by adhering to the safety measures listed above.

Steps to follow after getting a positive result

  1. Any employee or trainee who has received a positive COVID-19 test must follow Public Health guidelines and inform the administration of their leave of absence for medical reasons by sending an email to CR-Paie ( The employees’ identity and medical information will be kept confidential by the administration.
  2. If an employee or trainee informs his/her supervisor about COVID-19 positive result, the supervisor must ask the person to stay home and follow Public Health guidelines. The supervisor must also inform CR-Paie (  The supervisor will also be asked to report on the work areas used by the individual.
  3. The supervisor, without breaking confidentiality, may inform other team members about someone reporting COVID-positive results if they shared a workspace. People should be encouraged (but cannot be forced) to go for testing available on-site in the basement of the Douglas Hall.  Tests can be obtained for free, without a referral, on a first-come, first-served basis. No additional precautions need to be taken by other team members, except watching for symptoms as usual.
  4. Contacts will be traced by Public Health when applicable and will be contacted by the members of this Agency. Tracing contacts is their responsibility. Supervisors should not trace contacts.
  5. The Health and Safety Committee will organize cleaning and disinfection of workspaces by CIUSSS staff. Following clean-up, lab persons who are not experiencing symptoms or have received negative results may go back to their work areas.
  6. Current Public Health guidelines indicate that people who receive a positive COVID-19 results should isolate only for 10 days and can return to work thereafter. Negative tests are no longer required for work reintegration.