[General practitioners: practices and integration of mental health care in Québec].

Title[General practitioners: practices and integration of mental health care in Québec].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsImboua A, MJ Fleury
JournalSante Ment Que
Date Published2009 Spring

This article examines the socio-demographic profile of general practitioners (GPs), their role in the management of (transient/moderate, severe/chronic) mental health disorders in different areas (urban, semi-urban, and rural) of Quebec as well as if their clinical practice and collaboration are oriented towards integration of mental health services. This crosswise study is based on 398 GPs representative of all Quebec GPs who answered a questionnaire. The study shows that GPs play a central role in mental health. According to territories, they have different socio-demographic and practice profiles. The types of territory and the degree of severity of mental health illnesses influence the propensity of GPs to integrate mental health care. Finally, GPs practiced mostly in silo, but they support greater integration of mental health services. The authors conclude that to improve mental health services integration, more proactive incentives should be favoured by political elites, adapted to the severity of the case and environments (urban, semi-urban or rural). However, the shortage of resources that is particularly striking in rural areas as well as inadequate mechanisms for clinical decision, reduce inter-relations and seriously limit the integration of healthcare.

Alternate JournalSante Ment Que
PubMed ID19475194