The bank of standardized stimuli (BOSS): comparison between French and English norms.

TitleThe bank of standardized stimuli (BOSS): comparison between French and English norms.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBrodeur MB, Kehayia E, Dion-Lessard G, Chauret M, Montreuil T, Dionne-Dostie E, Lepage M
JournalBehav Res Methods
Date Published2012 Dec

Throughout the last decades, numerous picture data sets have been developed, such as the Snodgrass and Vanderwart (1980) set, and have been normalized for variables such as name and familiarity; however, due to cultural and linguistic differences, norms can vary from one country to another. The effect due specifically to culture has already been demonstrated by comparing samples from different countries where the same language is spoken. On the other hand, it is still not clear how differences between languages may affect norms. The present study explores this issue by collecting and comparing norms on names and many other features from French Canadian speakers and English Canadian speakers living in Montreal, who thus live in similar cultural environments. Norms were collected for the photos of objects from the Bank of Standardized Stimuli (BOSS) by asking participants to name the objects, to categorize them, and to rate their familiarity, visual complexity, object agreement, viewpoint agreement, and manipulability. Names and ratings from the French speakers are available in Appendix A, available in the supplemental materials. The results show that most of the norms are comparable across linguistic groups and also that the ratings given are correlated across linguistic groups. The only significant group differences were found in viewpoint agreement and visual complexity. Overall, there was good concordance between the norms collected from French and English native speakers living in the same cultural setting.

Alternate JournalBehav Res Methods
PubMed ID22351613