Five Douglas research projects funding in CIHR’s Fall 2023 Project Grant Competition

February 2, 2024

The results for the Fall 2023 CIHR Project Grant Competition were announced on January 31. We are pleased to share that five research projects from the Douglas, from six researchers, were among the successful applications.

Collectively, these projects have secured nearly $4M – congratulations to all successful applicants, and thank you to Dr. Dominique Walker, who chairs the Internal Grant Review Committee, as well as to all the researchers who gave their time to review their colleagues’ applications.

Our successful applicants

Project Grants Awarded

  • Mallar Chakravarty – The impact of gestational cannabis exposure on brain and behavioural development: a study spanning fetal development to adulthood
  • Majid Mohajerani – Targeting KCC2 as a strategy for rescuing functional impairments associated with brain aging and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Rachel Rabin & Pablo Rusjan – Investigating Endocannabinoid Activity in Brain in People with Tobacco Addiction
  • Sylvain Williams – Revealing the mechanisms underlying memory consolidation in REM sleep

Project Grants awarded – Priority Announcements

  • Lena Palaniyappan – Predicting Psychotic Relapse using Speech-based Early-detection

The official results are posted here.

Provincial and National CIHR Statistics

The national success rate of this competition is 17.2%, and the Quebec success rate is 18.6%.


Congratulations to our CIHR Project Grant Recipients!