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Joel Watts

2021-09-15 @ 10:00 EDT

The International Dementia Conference Series,  hosted by the McGill Centre for Studies in Aging resumes its biweekly events beginning September 15, 2021, with the Prion Hypothesis and Protein Aggregate Series.
Please join us for a presentation by Joel Watts, PhD, entitled “Formation and propagation of pathological Prion strains.”

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Meeting ID: 830 2844 2542
Passcode: 945011


Formation and propagation of pathological Prion strains

The universe of prion diseases is expanding. Once believed to be restricted to rare disorders of humans and animals, prion-like protein misfolding and propagation is now thought to be involved in the pathogenesis of several neurodegenerative diseases. Fundamental questions that remain largely unexplored are how prions form spontaneously in the brain and how prion strains cause distinct disease manifestations. In this talk, I will discuss how animal models can be used to study the formation and propagation of “classical” prions as well as prion-like protein aggregates composed of α-synuclein. 


10:00 EDT
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