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2020 Douglas Special Scientific Symposia (D3S)

2020-07-02 @ 11:00 EDT

This event will include:
✓ A series of short and long oral presentations from Douglas trainees offered via a Web conferencing service.

Each 90-minute D3S session will include 3 long talks and 7 short talks, for a total of 40 talks.


Zoom meeting information
Meeting ID: 958 1977 8923
Password: 575822


For more information – FULL PROGRAM AVAILABLE HERE


Facebook: @TheDALcommittee • douglas.academic.life@gmail.com


Cet événement inclura :

✓ Une série de courtes et de longues présentations orales d’étudiant(e)s et postdocs du Douglas via l’utilisation d’un service de conférence Web

Chaque session D3S de 90 minutes comprendra 3 présentations longues et 7 présentation courtes, pour un total de 40 présentations.

Informations pour la réunion Zoom
Identifiant de la réunion: 958 1977 8923
Mot de passe: 575822


Pour plus d’informations – PROGRAMME COMPLET ICI


Facebook: @TheDALcommittee • douglas.academic.life@gmail.com





Chairperson: Pratap Singh Markam

Long Talks / Longues présentations

Alteration in neurodevelopmental trajectories in mice following first and second trimester maternal immune activation.
Elisa Guma, Daniel Gallino, Chloe Anastassiadis, Gabriel A. Devenyi, Vedrana Cvetkovska, Pedro Bordignon, Gulebru Ayranci, Bratislav Misic, Rosemary Bagot, M Mallar Chakravarty

Widespread Amyloid Is Necessary to Detect Tau-PET Signal Beyond the Entorhinal Cortex and Cognitive Decline.
Hazal Ozlen, Alexa Pichet Binette,Theresa Köbe, Pierre-François Meyer, Sylvia Villeneuve

Early life stress induces sex-specific changes in behavior & gut bacteria composition in early adulthood.
J. Kasia Szyszkowicz, Iris Kim, Marie-Claude Audet, Giamal N. Luheshi


Short Talks / Courtes présentations

Accelerated social defeat stress: A novel paradigm for studying social stress in adolescence and adulthood.
Andrea Harée Pantoja Urbán*, Philip Vassilev*, Dominique Nouel, Michel Giroux, Cecilia Flores (*equal contribution)

Social support and protection from depression, anxiety and suicide ideation and attempts in emerging adulthood: A longitudinal population-based study in Canada.
Sara Scardera, Lea Perret, Robert-Paul Juster, Isabelle Ouellet-Morin, Geneviève Gariepy, Michel Boivin, Gustavo Turecki, Richard Tremblay, Sylvana Coté, MarieClaude Geoffroy

Altered entrainment to light and behavioral deficits in mice lacking the circadian deubiquitinase USP2.
Shashank Srikanta, Katarina Stojkovic and Nicolas Cermakian

The role of m6A RNA methylation in the brain with depression.
Haruka Mitsuhashi, Corina Nagy, Zahia Aouabed, Gustavo Turecki

Investigating perineuronal nets in the brain of depressed suicides with a history of child abuse.
Belliveau, C., Tanti, A., Mpai, R., McFarquhar, A., Denux, F., Davoli, M.A., Mechawar, N

Liver leptin receptor gene network moderates the effects of early life adversity on emotional problems and gray matter density.
Randriely Merscher Sobreira de Lima, Barbara Barth, Danusa Mar Arcego, Euclides José de Mendonça Filho, Sachin Patel, Zihan Wang, Irina Pokhvisneva, Michael J. Meaney, Carla Dalmaz, Patrícia Pelufo Silveira

Does the child’s anxiety determine maternal over-involvement or vice versa? An observational study: from QF2011.
Alexandra Bucur, Guillaume Elgbeili, David Laplante, Suzanne King Sex-specific changes in the development of PV and PNN in the prelimbic mPFC of rodents following ELS. Alyssa A Guerra, Angela Guadagno Hong Long, Silvanna Verlezza, Claire-Dominique Walker


11:00 EDT