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2020 Douglas Special Scientific Symposia (D3S)

2020-05-21 @ 11:00 EDT

This event will include:
✓ A series of short and long oral presentations from Douglas trainees offered via a Web conferencing service.

Each 90-minute D3S session will include 3 long talks and 6-8 short talks, for a total of 40 talks.

Zoom meeting information
Meeting ID: 958 1977 8923
Password: 575822


For more information

Facebook: @TheDALcommittee • douglas.academic.life@gmail.com


Cet événement inclura :

✓ Une série de courtes et de longues présentations orales d’étudiant(e)s et postdocs du Douglas via l’utilisation d’un service de conférence Web

Chaque session D3S de 90 minutes comprendra 3 présentations longues et 6-8 présentation courtes, pour un total de 40 présentations.

Informations pour la réunion Zoom
Identifiant de la réunion: 958 1977 8923
Mot de passe: 575822

Pour plus d’informations 

Facebook: @TheDALcommittee • douglas.academic.life@gmail.com




Chairperson: Pratap Singh Markam

Long Talks / Longues présentations

Developing a translational polygenic score of biological sensitivity to context.
Maeson Latsko, Zihan Wang, Tie Yuan Zhang, Carine Parent, Nick O’Toole, Irina Pokhvisneva, W. Thomas Boyce, Michael J. Meaney, Patricia Pelufo Silveira.

Mu opioid receptors in the dorsal raphe nucleus: role in reward/aversion, mood, social behaviors and opioids use.
Lola Welsch, Mathilde Frison, Julie Bailly, Sami Ben Hamida, Emmanuel Darcq, Brigitte Kieffer

Vertex-wise structural covariance within functional brain networks in schizophrenia.
Katie M. Lavigne, Carolina Makowski, Lindsay B. Lewis, Martin Lepage, Alan C. Evans

Short Talks / Courtes présentations

Profiling Exosomes in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex of Individuals with Major Depressive Disorder.
Pascal Ibrahim, Zahia Aouabed, Jean-François Théroux, Corina Nagy, Gustavo Turecki.

Functional changes in parvalbumin activity in the prefrontal cortex following ventral hippocampal dysconnection: insights into schizophrenia.
Moushumi Nath, Dr. Sanjeev Bhardwaj , Dr. Tak Pan Wong , Dr. Lalit Srivastava

Long Term Effects of Housing First for Homeless People with Mental Illness on Costs and Housing Stability.
Hannah Rochon, Dimitra Panagiotoglou, Eric Latimer

Prédicteurs de l’utilisation des urgences chez la population en situation d’itinérance.
Morgane Gabet, Guy Grenier, Zhirong Cao, Marie-Josée Fleury

Environmental Enrichment during Peri-Adolescence, but not Young Adulthood, Increases Resistance to Subchronic Variable Stress in Female Mice.
Leora Hiar, Kelly Craig, Carine Parent, Allison Martel, Xianglan Wen, Camila Valle, Anne-Marie Arel-Dubeau, Josie Diorio, Tie-Yuan Zhang

Microstructural Correlates of Variable Cognitive Trajectories in a Healthy Aging Population.
Raihaan Patel, Chakravarty, M.M, Mackay, C.E., Zsoldos, E, Ebmeier, K.P., Suri, S


11:00 EDT