EDI Committee – Terms of Reference


Six appointed members of DRC Faculty, plus two trainee representatives:

  • One Chair  
  • One Co-Chair  
  • 4 Equity Officers (one per Research Division)
  • Two trainees (graduate or postdoctoral) 


Note: All faculty members of the EDI committee will undertake relevant EDI training including McGill’s Equity and Inclusion in the Academic Search Process workshop.

Duration of service for all members: 2 yrs, renewable



This committee serves to ensure best-practices in research with regards to EDI at the Douglas Research Centre and to serve as liaison to central EDI resources at McGill University (https://www.mcgill.ca/equity/edi-research/internal-mcgill-resources). Four members will be designated EDI Officers for the DRC; they, and the Chair and Co-Chair, will serve as primary contacts who can connect people with concerns to the right resources at McGill University. People with concerns are more comfortable coming to local equity officers with their issues. Training, information and other support would be provided by the office of the Associate Provost Equity and Academic Policies. 



The committee will stay informed about EDI initiatives and policies at the University level, receiving training as appropriate, and develop and oversee equity initiatives in DRC, including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Recruitment of academic staff
    • Work with the local search committee and office of the Associate Provost Equity and Academic Policies to ensure all members of the search committee have participated in equity training and declare any conflicts of interest with applicants and that members of the search committee are diverse
    • Identify an EDI Officer external to the Division conducting the search who will act as the Dean’s Representative and take notes and report back to the EDI Committee to ensure the search is conducted in an open, transparent and equitable manner
    • Report annually on the status of EDI and related activities at the DRC at Faculty meetings and provide written report to the DRC Executive annually
    • Help maintain a webpage within the DRC website with relevant contacts, information and reports related to the committee’s composition and activities
  • Report on Equitable and Inclusive Allocation of Research Related Resources to Faculty (i.e. research equipment, space, IT support etc.)
  • Accessibility (services, learning, physical environment)
    • Work with DRC Executive Committee, CIUSSS-ODIM and Academic Affairs to ensure the learning and research environments are accessible to individuals with disabilities.
  • Develop and promote workshops, education and guidelines for behavior and communication e.g., between faculty and between faculty and trainees
    • Help communicate and disseminate through panels, talks, shared resources and e-communication, work conducted by the Associate Provost Equity & Academic Policies and office to the DRC Faculty and Trainees e.g. Scheduling appropriate workshops for staff on a regular basis (awareness-raising, information about resources); Working with student groups to schedule appropriate workshops for students on a regular basis (awareness-raising, information about resources)
    • Help address concerns raised by faculty and trainees and when necessary liaise with the appropriate member of the Associate Provost’s office at McGill.
  • Ensure equitable access to prizes, awards and other opportunities
  • Collaborate with the Executive Committee and Academic Affairs Committee at the DRC to encourage greater participation and nomination of underrepresented groups for Internal, McGill, National and International prize/awards/ recognitions and career opportunities.