Dr. Srividya Iyer named to the premier Canadian Women in Global Health 2018 List

Women make up the majority of the health workforce and yet remain under-represented in leadership and decision-making positions. This gender gap overlooks women’s expertise and talents, and compromises the knowledge and policy base for advancing health and equity globally. The need to improve the visibility and recognition of women in global health is clear, and with Canada’s international reputation for advancing health and equity, it is important that the diversity of women leaders be recognized and amplified.

The CWIGH List, initiated by Jocalyn Clark from The Lancet, and founded in collaboration with Eva Slawecki from the Canadian Society for International Health and Sarah Lawley from the Government of Canada, is inspired by a broader global movement to recognise the achievements and expertise of women in global health.

Srividya Iyer is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. Her work focuses on youth mental health and early intervention, particularly for psychosis. She seeks to ensure that more young people worldwide have timely access to appropriate mental healthcare and enjoy well-being and social participation. Srividya’s work reflects her deep appreciation for culture and context. She partners closely with patients, families, and communities to impact real-world practice and policy in Canada and globally. She is the Scientific-Clinical Director of ACCESS Open Minds, a pan-Canadian youth mental health network that includes urban, rural, and Indigenous communities. She is also helping build mental healthcare capacity at several sites in India, the country where she grew up and obtained her initial training in psychology. Srividya has received numerous awards and was inducted into the Royal Society of Canada’s College of New Scholars, Artists and Scientists in 2017

More: https://mcgill.ca/channels/files/channels/channels/attach/canadian_women_in_global_health_list_2018.pdf