Douglas Student Committee for Academic Life (DAL)

The Douglas Student Committee for Academic Life (or "DAL" for friends) is a committee composed of the Director of Academic Affairs (Dr. Nicolas Cermakian) and about 10 trainees (students and postdocs) of the research centre.

The committee aims at planning scientific activities involving trainees and others in the research centre (e.g. the Annual Research Day, the Hendlisz Award event, the Undergrad Expo, Research Blitzes).

The DAL also discusses new and upcoming developments in the research centre and ensures that trainees have their say in these. 

Picture of the 2016-17 DAL: Weam Fageera, Lourdes Fernandez de Cossio, Daniel Zhou, Justin Miron, Daniel Hoops, Richard Boyce, Nicolas Cermakian, Kathleen MacDonald, Elisa Guma, Kathryn Vaillancourt, Sherri Lee Jones (Carolina Makowski in inset).