Douglas Research Day 2019

The Douglas Research Centre and McGill Department of Psychiatry Research Day was held on June 11 and was a great success! Thanks to all participants! 

As has become our tradition, the recipients of various prizes were announced at the end of the day:

Douglas Research Centre Students

Oral presentations

  • 1st prize (Prix d'excellence du FRQ-S): Scott Bell (Ernst Lab)
  • 2nd prize: Amanda Larosa (Wong Lab)
  • 3rd prize: Malosree Maitra (Turecki Lab)

Poster presentations

  • 1st prize: Claudia Belliveau (Mechawar Lab)
  • 2nd prize: Rixing Lin (Turecki Lab)

McGill Graduate Program in Psychiatry Students

Oral presentations

  • 1st prize (Marion Birmingham/Trevor Dennis Award): Jessica Burdo (Steiger Lab)
  • 2nd prize: Ryan Tobin (Dunkley Lab)

Poster presentations

  • 1st prize: Despina Bolanis (Geoffroy Lab)


Other awards

Roger J. Paiement Outreach Awards

  • Theresa Köbe (Villeneuve Lab)
  • Andrea Lessa Benedet (Rosa-Neto Lab)

Dr. Holly Carsley Memorial Award

  • Massimiliano Orri (Turecki and Geoffroy Labs)
  • Daniel Almeida (Turecki Lab)

Rémi Quirion Excellence Award

  • Despina Bolanis (Geoffroy Lab)

Marie Giguère Travel Awards

  • Joseph Therriault (Rosa-Neto Lab)
  • Stephanie Tullo (Chakravarty Lab)
  • Daniel Almeida (Turecki Lab)
  • Claudia Belliveau (Mechawar Lab)
  • Weam Fageera (Joober Lab)
  • Benzhyna Daniel (King Lab)
  • Niamh Power (Schmitz Lab)
  • Sereena Pigeon (Brunet Lab)

Congratulations to all!

Douglas awards Douglas awards

Psychiatry awards Psychiatry awards

Paiement award Paiement awards

Carsley award Carsley award