Discover a new student-led communication initiative: Brain Info

Brain Info is a science communication initiative led by McGill University students, including several Douglas-based students, who are ready to answer your questions about all things neuroscience.

The goal of Brain Info / Info Cerveau is to serve the Montreal and Quebec community with information about the brain and associated diseases. We are here to provide you with scientifically accurate information about mental health, neurological diseases, and any other topics related to the brain and nervous system. Brain Info is a science outreach and communication initiative established in 2020 by graduate students from the Integrated Program in Neuroscience (IPN) at McGill University under the guidance of Dr. Reza Farivar - the director of the IPN.

For examples of questions they have answered in the past, please visit their blog

For more information about this initiative, to find out who the team members are, or to submit a question, please visit their website