COVID-19 Rules in effect at the Research Centre

(updated May 6, 2022)

Given the evolving pandemic situation in Montréal and the lifting of restrictions by the Government of Quebec, the Research Centre wishes to clarify current CIUSSS rules that are still in effect in our facilities:

  • The directive on the mandatory and continuous use of medical masks is maintained unless the employee works alone in a closed room (e.g.: an office) and during meal times (while respecting the distance of 2 meters). Employees must wear a medical mask when entering the facility, when moving about outside their office, and when another person enters the room.
  • The use of eye protection is required only when there is a risk of contact with body fluids or mucous membranes and when administering care to patients with suspected or confirmed COVID-19. It is no longer necessary to wear eye protection when interacting with colleagues or clients within 2 metres and when circulating. However, eye protection may be required at all times in specific situations and based on local conditions such as in a facility where there is an outbreak.
  • Meetings and conferences should continue to be held virtually. Meetings that cannot be held virtually may be held in-person, provided they are held with a limited number of individuals, in large well-ventilated rooms (open windows if possible), while maintaining distancing, and wearing masks.
  • Maintaining a distance of 2 metres is mandatory in laboratories, animal facility rooms, and microscopy rooms continues to apply. Consequently, the number of people admitted to certain rooms is still limited.