Clinical Research Innovation Centre


The Douglas’ new Clinical Research Innovation Centre (CRIC) is working to provide tools to clinician-researchers to aid them with the conduct of their studies in a fully compliant manner.

Building on previous capacities, the CRIC is a newly founded clinical research unit based at the Douglas Mental Health University Institute. Our goal is to develop a self-sustaining, quality Health Canada regulated clinical research program for the whole of the organization to bring cutting edge medical innovations to our patients so that we can conduct clinical trials in all areas of adult and child psychiatry.

As leaders in mental health, we strive for new therapeutics for our patients, including drugs, devices, psychosocial interventions and/or softwares to improve mental health outcomes. We believe that every patient who comes through the Douglas should be offered to participate in research (any research).

Currently, our focus is on Health Canada regulated pharma-sponsored studies in Alzheimer’s. By focusing on this area we plan to demonstrate successful activation and management of new studies while creating structure, team, SOPs, tools and other resources to share.

We can currently run phase II-IV clinical drug trials across all methods of administration except intra-thecal and medications requiring overnight inpatient observation. We are also capable of running innovation/technology trials with experience in technology studies for Depression and Alzheimer`s disease. The CRIC is also a member of the Catalis “Fast Track” program.

If you are interested in hearing more about our program or collaborating with us, please contact: Michal Friedman (Program Manager):

Registering for training modules

The CRIC has obtained a membership to N2, which gives you and your teams access to training tools for clinical trials. If you are conducting clinical research, there are a lot of training modules available to you and your staff/students through the CITI program.

Please see the steps below for information on how to register:

  1. Please visit the CITI website at:   
  2. Click “Register”
  3. Select ‘Douglas Hospital Research Centre (N2)’ as your organization
  4. Agree to the conditions
  5. Create your username and password
  6. Complete your profile
  7. You can then view all the courses on offer.

For any questions, please contact the CRIC’s Manager, Michal Friedman:

Template documents

The CRIC has also developed templates for common documents used in clinical research if you need them; see below.