Carl Ernst, PhD

Carl Ernst



6875 Boulevard LaSalle
Montréal, QC
H4H 1R3

 Office:F-2101.2, Frank B. Common Pavilion

 Office phone: (514) 761-6131 x3382

 Fax: (514) 762-3023

  Lab website:

Canada Research Chair in Psychiatric Genetics – Tier 2

Researcher, Douglas Research Centre
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, McGill University

Lab name: Genetic and epigenetic variation associated with neurodevelopmental disorders

Theme-Based Group: Environmental Adversity, Neurodevelopment, and Mental Health, Youth Mental Health and Early Intervention
Division: Human Neuroscience


The Ernst lab expertise is in stem cell modelling of neurological disease and genetic engineering. As such, we recruit subjects and their families with rare neurological disorders and make stem cells and brain like cells from these individuals. Our short term goal is to perform functional genetic experiments to better understand disease mechanism, while our long term goal is to use genetic models of disease to test and develop mutation-specific treatments suitable for use in humans.

Department of Human Genetics Graduate Teaching Award

Canada Research Chair (Tier 2)
Tier 2 Chairs, tenable for five years and renewable once, are for exceptional emerging researchers, acknowledged by their peers as having the potential to lead in their field.

AFSP Young Investigator Award
This award is given by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) to encourage talented new investigators to enter the field of suicide research through grants that provide training support and mentoring.

CIHR Bisby Award

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