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Bruno Giros

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Research area: 
Basic Neuroscience / Animal Research

Research Theme: 
Psychosis and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Professor of Psychiatry, Department of Medicine, McGill University
Canada Research Chair for the Neurobiology of Mental Disorders
Graham Boeckh Chair for Schizophrenia Research
Research Director at CNRS

Pathophysiology of Psychiatric Disorders

Our research group is genuinely interested in the Pathophysiology of Psychiatric Disorders, investigating the molecular and cellular processes that are involved in the appearance of the main symptoms of these disorders. We are more precisely focusing on two devastating disorders, Schizophrenia and Major Depression, which respectively account worldwide for 1.5% and 20% of the people in the general population. To reach our objectives, we combined molecular, biochemical, electrophysiological and behavioral approaches. For these studies, we are generating original animal models with genetic engineering, and we used “state of the art” techniques, as optogenetic stimulations in the awake animal or miRNA transcriptomic analysis for example.

• For schizophrenia, we are presently unraveling unsuspected effects of dopamine in the frontal cortex and the hippocampus, and starting to understand precisely, at the cellular and network levels, how they are put into play.

• For depression, our fundamental and preclinical projects are investigating mechanisms contributing to individual vulnerability or resistance (resiliency) to stress and the etiology of depression.

The combination of our approaches will not only enriches our hypotheses, but will also offers a strong potential to recognize common mechanisms occurring in these two major psychiatric disorders. All our studies aim, at the mid-term, to be translated into experimental medicine protocols in collaboration with psychiatrists.

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Years                     Laboratory                                                  Director
1983-1984 U-109 INSERM, Paris, France Jean-Charles Schwartz
1984 Lab. Neuro. Exp., Rouen, France Jean Costentin
1984-1987 U-109 INSERM, Paris, France Jean-Charles Schwartz
1987 Genentech, San Francisco, USA Bernard Malfroy
1988-1991 U-109 INSERM, Paris, France Jean-Charles Schwartz
1991-1994 HHMI, Duke Univ., Durham, USA Marc G. Caron
1994-1998 U-288 INSERM, Paris, France Michel Hamon
1999-2008 U-513 INSERM, Créteil, France Bruno Giros
2009-2013 CNRS UMR7224 INSERM 952 Bruno Giros
2008- Douglas Hospital Research Center Bruno Giros



Bruno Giros authored over 170 publications (Hf=52), has been recognized by the Institute for Scientific Information as a “Most Highly Cited Scientist” in the area of pharmacology, and has received numerous awards, including the very prestigious “Médaille d’Argent” from the CNRS.

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Quentin RAINER

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Kathleen XU

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