Biostatistics Consulting Service

Granting agencies have growing expectations about the scientific rigor and reliability of the proposals for research projects and their derived publications. Therefore a Biostatistics Consulting Service was created under the supervision of Norbert Schmitz, PhD, and Aurélie Labbe, PhD.

The goal of the Service is to provide statistical and methodological support to PIs of the Douglas Institute and their students throughout all phases of their research projects, from design to results interpretation.

Collaboration and consultation services

The Biostatistics Consulting Service offers long-term collaboration as well as brief consulting assistance.

Long-term collaboration

It is strongly recommended that you involve the Biostatistics Consulting Service as early as possible in your project so that you can receive assistance during the elaboration of the study design and make sure that the design and sample size will adequately support your study needs and research objectives.

Important: Principal investigators who wish to use the expertise of the Biostatistics Service must allocate a budget for these services from their research project grants.

Collaboration services include:

  • Experiment planning:
    • Design and sample size identification
    • Selection of the appropriate statistical analysis
    • Protocol drafting, etc.
  • Data analysis and monitoring
  • Report/publication writing

Brief consultations

Norbert Schmitz, PhD, and Aurelie Labbe, PhD, are available for brief consultations that include:

  • Guidance on SPSS or SAS®
  • Specific statistical questions
  • Results interpretation
  • Paper reviews

Preparing for the first meeting

To facilitate communication and enhance the efficiency of the first meeting, you are invited to fill in this brief form and submit it by email as specified.

Calendar of events

McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine organizes regular seminars. For more details, please consult its calendar of events for biostatistics and epidemiology.

Team Members

Principal Investigators
Aurélie Labbe, PhD
Norbert Schmitz, PhD


Biostatistics Consulting Service
FBC Pavilion
6875 LaSalle Boulevard
Montreal, QC H4H 1R3