Associated and Mediating Variables Related to Job Satisfaction among Professionals from Mental Health Teams.

TitleAssociated and Mediating Variables Related to Job Satisfaction among Professionals from Mental Health Teams.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsMJ Fleury, Grenier G, Bamvita JM, Chiocchio F
JournalPsychiatr Q
Date Published2018 06
KeywordsAdult, Aged, Canada, Cooperative Behavior, Female, Health Personnel, Humans, Job Satisfaction, Male, Mental Health, Middle Aged, Models, Theoretical, Patient Care Team, Young Adult

Using a structural analysis, this study examines the relationship between job satisfaction among 315 mental health professionals from the province of Quebec (Canada) and a wide range of variables related to provider characteristics, team characteristics, processes, and emergent states, and organizational culture. We used the Job Satisfaction Survey to assess job satisfaction. Our conceptual framework integrated numerous independent variables adapted from the input-mediator-output-input (IMOI) model and the Integrated Team Effectiveness Model (ITEM). The structural equation model predicted 47% of the variance of job satisfaction. Job satisfaction was associated with eight variables: strong team support, participation in the decision-making process, closer collaboration, fewer conflicts among team members, modest knowledge production (team processes), firm affective commitment, multifocal identification (emergent states) and belonging to the nursing profession (provider characteristics). Team climate had an impact on six job satisfaction variables (team support, knowledge production, conflicts, affective commitment, collaboration, and multifocal identification). Results show that team processes and emergent states were mediators between job satisfaction and team climate. To increase job satisfaction among professionals, health managers need to pursue strategies that foster a positive climate within mental health teams.

Alternate JournalPsychiatr Q
PubMed ID28975459
Grant List22367 / / Fonds de recherche du Quebec Santé (FRQS) / International