Microscopy assistance is perfect for:

  • Learning a new application or technique
  • Trying out new experiments
  • Last-minute experiments that need to work
  • Reviewing your settings and maximizing the quality of your images

To get access to the microscopy assistance service, all you need to do is to select “Request Assistance” upon booking any microscope through the booking website (PPMS). The coordinator will receive a notice and confirm with you if assistance is available during your session. The cost of assistance is the base rate plus the hourly cost of the microscope, which can both be found on the fees page of this website.

The image analysis service can help you at any step of image analysis process, from your initial plan to the figures. We can:

  • Write scripts to automate your analysis
  • Teach you how to analyze your images
  • Perform the image analysis for you
  • Help summarize the data and produce a figure

Contact us to get analysis assistance. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your needs and plan accordingly. After the free consultation session, this service is charged on an hourly basis (see the Fees section for current prices).