Animal Facility

The Douglas Research Centre Animal Facility is dedicated to the housing, breeding and behavioural phenotyping of mice and rats. We offer service for a battery of behavioral tests aimed at understanding brain physiology and pathophysiology for commercial and academic users.

The Douglas Cerebral Imaging Centre also offers small animal MRI for the non-invasive study of brain anatomy and function in rats and mice. The housing portion of the facility is state-of-the art providing different levels of pathogen protection and services for breeding genetically altered mouse strains. We strive to meet the specific experimental and housing needs of our investigators.

Please note that in light of the ongoing COVID-19-related public health situation, specific protocols have been developed to ensure a safe work environment at all times.

Please consult the SOPs here

While investigators are free to choose amongst the various services we offer, we also provide full-service packages that comprise animal breeding, genotyping, animal experimentation. We also assist with experimental design especially in the context of studies that involve small animal MRI and/or behavioural Phenotyping.

All operations involving animals follow animal use protocols that are approved by the Animal Ethics Committee of McGill University and adhere to the guidelines and policy of good animal practice established by the Canadian Council on Animal care (CCAC).


The Animal Facility is fully committed to support investigators in their quest to advance and translate scientific knowledge, while providing the best quality care and welfare for the research animals. Our team of animal health technicians and animal care attendants are under the direction of a facility supervisor and assisted by a veterinarian and the two academic directors of the Phenotyping platform and animal facility, respectively.

Animal facility User Committee
Chaired by:

Neurophenotyping Platform Director
Dr Joseph Rochford:

Veterinarian Director
Dr Jim Gourdon:

Animal facility supervisor and Neurophenotyping Centre Coordinator
Guylaine Gadoury:

Facility animal care committee chair
Dr Tak Pan Wong: