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Porteurs sains du gène de l’Alzheimer: Une méthode permet d’identifier les personnes les moins à risque de développer la maladie

ApoE4, cela vous dit quelque chose ? Derrière ce nom de code se cache le gène dit de l’Alzheimer. Récemment encore, être porteur de ce gène signifiait que la maladie avait de très fortes chances de vous frapper un jour. Tous les porteurs de ce gène ne développeront pourtant pas l’Alzheimer.


New treatment approach could give quicker response times The discovery of a new mechanism involved in depression – and a way to target it with a drug as effective as classical antidepressants -- provides new understanding of this illness and could pave the way for treatments with fewer side effects. In a study published in Nature Medicine, a team of scientists at McGill University and France’s Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale (INSERM) examined...
Study reveals what happens on the molecular level of 20,000 genes Have you ever considered that working night shifts may, in the long run, have an impact on your health? A team of researchers from the McGill University affiliated Douglas Mental Health University Institute (DMHUI) has discovered that genes regulating important biological processes are incapable of adapting to new sleeping and eating patterns and that most of them stay tuned to their daytime biological clock rhythms. In a study...
Listen to a recent interview with Naguib Mechawar, Director of the Douglas Bell Canada Brain Bank, on Radio-Canada:  

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