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First publication from ACCESS Open Minds on early intervention in youth mental health services

Imagine a place where 20% of youth are affected by a mental illness and where 75% of mental health problems arise before the age of 24. Now imagine the same place but with only 1 in 5 of youth who need mental health intervention getting access to the appropriate care. On top of that, youth who do receive mental health care are faced with long delays in receiving treatment, which can go from several months to several years.


When you do something automatically, you lose control.  It's what happens to kleptomaniacs. - Salah El Mestikawy Listen to a recent radio show that aired on France Culture on kleptomania, including an interview with Salah El Mestikawy.
The Douglas Research Centre researcher Véronique Bohbot was interviewed by Matthieu Dugal about the effects of video games on the brain, and specifically how these affect the hippocampus. View the video here (in French only) :  
A recent article in the Metro newspaper highlights the work of Professor Srividia Iyer, which aims to develop preventive approaches for youth at risk of psychosis..   Excerpt: «The idea of early intervention is to make sure youth look for help and do it early, says Srividia Iyer. This requires working with teachers, family physicians or even CEGEPs. We need to help those who are best able to see a first psychotic event, or, if someone comes to talk to them, we need to know what to tell them. ...

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