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Interview with Bruno Giros on Radio-Canada about depression

Bruno Giros explains some of the underlying biological differences that can explain why we are not equally susceptible to depression.  His recent research has shown that noradrenaline can play a role in certain patients, and suggests new therapeutic targets to treat depression.  Listen to Bruno Giros interviewed on the radio show Les Éclaireurs on Radio-Canada. (In French only)


View a recent profile of Gustavo Turecki, in Le Monde: Gustavo Turecki, biologiste du suicide  
View this video profile of Brigitte Kieffer: Chercheuses d'avenir, on France Brigitte Kieffer, la Française qui explore le cerveau  
The official unveiling of of the Olympus Discovery Center plaque took place June 27th at the Douglas Hospital Research Centre. On the picture, left to right: researchers Sylvain Williams, Naguib Mechawar and Dominique Walker, Bill Colins, CEO, Olympus Canada, Brigitte Kieffer, Director of the Douglas hospital research centre, and Mariêve Picard, Senior Sales Consultant - Scientific Solutions Group, Olympus Canada.

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