2017 Douglas & Psychiatry Department Research Day: Congratulations to all award winners

Douglas winners - left to right: Nicolas Cermakian (Director of Academic Affairs of the Research Centre), Lauren Reynolds, Santiago Cuesta, Chloé Nobis, Scott Bell, Abdelhalim Elsiekh, Brigitte Kieffer (Scientific Director of the Research Centre)

Thank you to all participants of the Douglas & Psychiatry Department Research Day, which took place on June 2nd.  We are proud to announce the winners of the prizes for best presentations:

Students of the Douglas Institute

Oral presentations:

  • 1st prize (Prix d'excellence du FRQ-S): Scott Bell (lab of Carl Ernst)
  • 2nd prize: Chloé Nobis (lab of Nicolas Cermakian)
  • 3rd prize: Santiago Cuesta (lab of Cecilia Flores)

Poster presentations:

  • 1st prize: Abdelhalim Elsiekh (lab of Natasha Rajah)
  • 2nd prize: Lauren Reynolds (lab of Cecilia Flores)

Students of the Graduate Program in Psychiatry

Oral presentations:

  • 1st prize (Marion Birmingham/Trevor Dennis Award): Randa Elgendy (lab of Norbert Schmitz)
  • 2nd prize: Gerald Jordan (lab of Srividya Iyer)

Poster presentations:

  • 1st prize: Kira Riehm (lab of Frank Elgar)

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