Many award and prize programs are available for students and postdocs of the Douglas. Here are some of these, along with the list of the recent awardees.

Leo and Rachel Hendlisz Awards

Hendlisz prizes

The Leo and Rachel Hendlisz Awards are given to the Douglas trainees who have published the best research articles over the past year. The awarding process is through peer-review, with a panel of graduate students and postdocs reviewing, discussing and ranking the applications. During the event held in December each year, the top nominees present a short talk of their study, and the awards are then announced.

2016 awardees:

  • First prize: Richard Boyce (teams of Sylvain Williams and Antoine Adamantidis)
    for his article "Causal evidence for the role of REM sleep theta rhythm in contextual memory consolidation", Science, 2016
  • Second prize: Elsa Isingrini (team of Bruno Giros)
    for her article "Resilience to chronic stress is mediated by noradrenergic regulation of dopamine neurons", Nature Neuroscience, 2016
  • Third prize: Angélica Torres-Berrío (team of Cecilia Flores)
    for her article "DCC confers susceptibility to depression-like behaviors in humans and mice and is regulated by miR-218", Biological Psychiatry, 2016

Research Day prizes

During the Annual Research Day of the Douglas Hospital Research Centre and McGill Department of Psychiatry, prizes are awarded for the best oral and poster presentations.

2016 Douglas prizes

Oral presentations:

  • First prize: Lourdes Fernández de Cossío (team of Giamal Luheshi)
  • Second prize: Silke Kiessling (team of Nicolas Cermakian)
  • Third prize: Christopher Steele (team of Mallar Chakravarty)

Poster presentations:

  • First prize: Scott Bell  (team of Carl Ernst)
  • Second prize: Daniel Almeida (team of Gustavo Turecki)


Prix psychiatrie McGill 2016

2016 Department of Psychiatry prizes

Oral presentation:

  • Kathleen MacDonald (team of Srividya Iyer)

Poster presentation:

  • Derek Albert  (team of Thomas Brown)

Marie Giguère Travel awards

Bourse Marie Giguère

Thanks to the generous support from Ms. Marie Giguère, Ad. E., Vice-President of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute Foundation, these awards support travel and attendance for graduate students (MSc and PhD candidates) presenting their work at a national or international scientific conference.

Spring 2016 awardees:

  • Tharick Ali Pascoal (team of Pedro Rosa-Neto)
  • Jeanne Sansfaçon (teams of Howard Steiger and Mimi Israël)
  • Maude Bordeleau (team of Giamal Luheshi)
  • Manal Eldeb (team of Thomas Brown)

TD's postdoctoral fellowship in youth mental health

Thanks to a generous gift from the Toronto Dominion bank, the Douglas Institute Research Centre and the Douglas Institute Foundation give a yearly fellowship to support one resident or postdoctoral fellow pursuing research in the area of youth mental health.

2016 awardee: Lei Cao (team of Suzanne King)

Dr. Holly Carsley Memorial Award

Carsley prize

Thanks to generous gifts from Dr. Holly Carsley's family and friends, each year the Douglas Institute Research Centre and the Douglas Institute Foundation give the Dr. Holly Carsley Memorial Award to recognize the work of a Douglas Institute resident pursuing research in the area of depression and suicide.

2016 awardee: Anthony J. Gifuni (teams of Johanne Renaud et Fabrice Jollant)

Roger J. Paiement Outreach Award

Bourse Paiement

Thanks to the generous support from Ms. Danielle T. Paiement, these awards support the participation of graduate students (MSc and PhD candidates), postdoctoral fellows or residents at an international scientific conference to present their research work in the field of Alzheimer's disease or dementia, memory disorders or aging.

2016 awardees:

  • Sandra Pelleieux (team of Judes Poirier)
  • Guillaume Etter (team of Sylvain Williams)

Undergraduate Research Expo prizes

Douglas undergrad awards

During the Undergraduate Research Expo, held each year at the end of the summer, prizes are given for the best poster presentations by Douglas undergraduate students. The evaluation of the presentations is performed by a jury composed of Douglas graduate students and postdocs.

2016 awardees:

  • First prize: José Maria Restrepo (team of Cecilia Flores)
  • Second prize: Nina Fainman-Adelman (team of Srividya Iyer)
  • Third prize: Shruthi Venkataraman (team of Srividya Iyer)