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Targeting the biological clock could slow the progression of cancer

Nicolas Cermakian

Does the biological clock in cancer cells influence tumour growth? Yes, according to a study conducted by Nicolas Cermakian, a professor in McGill University’s Department of Psychiatry.

Published in the journal BMC Biology, these results show for the first time that directly targeting the biological clock in a cancerous tumour has an impact on its development.


Thank you to all participants of the Douglas & Psychiatry Department Research Day, which took place on June 2nd.  We are proud to announce the winners of the prizes for best presentations: Students of the Douglas Institute Oral presentations: 1st prize (Prix d'excellence du FRQ-S): Scott Bell (lab of Carl Ernst) 2nd prize: Chloé Nobis (lab of Nicolas Cermakian) 3rd prize: Santiago Cuesta (lab of Cecilia Flores) Poster presentations: 1st prize: Abdelhalim Elsiekh (lab of Natasha Rajah) 2nd...
Nicolas Cermakian
Read a recent article about discoveries made in Nicolas Cermakian's laboratory in a recent edition of Le Devoir newspaper, showing how controlling the internal clock of cells could help slow the progress of cancer tumor.  Read the full article in Le Devoir (in French only) Remettre les pendules à l’heure - Le Devoir
Watch television coverage of Naguib Mechawar's recent discoveries showing a link between neuroinflammation and depression on Télé-Québec.  Journalist Marianne Desautels-Marissal visited the Research centre and the Brain bank to discuss this important discovery with Dr. Mechawar (in French):  

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